Sunday, July 22, 2007

Goodwill Hunting

I love my local Goodwill. They have the most amazing selection of stuff. Sometimes I just go, and browse, and get ideas and fill my head with color, pattern, shape and line.

Saturday, I went looking for a vase and found the perfect one (99 cents):
I would love to volunteer at Goodwill as a display artist. Once when I was there, I was on a picture frame kick, and as I combed through their ample supply of frames, I made "collections" and put them in sections. My favorite were the weathered white frames, so that's where I put my focus. I didn't have the money to buy the collection that day, so I left it. Two days later, the entire collection was gone.

Which brings me to my latest-greatest idea. I'm going to ditch my red dinnerware and instead create a dinnerwear collection from mismatched yet coordinating white relief-embellished porcelain. I think it'll have character. And it'll be really fun hunting for them.

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