Thursday, January 1, 2009

Creative Genius, meet Suicidal Discontent.

I'm feeling very creative lately. I always feel more creative when I'm a little depressed. It's times like these that I can clearly understand how many artistic geniuses are the types that lop off ears, or spiral into the depths of depression. If I liked being depressed more, I'd dive in after them and see just how creative I can get.

Winter always depresses me. It's the dark, the wet, the cold rain and fog. Winters in the San Francisco Bay Area make me want to move back to the high desert — just vanish in the night like the Baltimore Colts.

That said, if I had a nickel for every new creative idea I've invented over the last two months, I'd be a very rich little girl.

One of my New Year's Resolutions for 2009 is to finally — finally! — sell one of my crafts. I'm leaning right now toward the felt applique kit projects. But there's also the board games, the dog accessories, the paper crafts, the rubber stamps, the vector clip art... the possibilities, it seems, are just as endless as the dark, cold Bay Area nights.

Happy New Year!

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